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Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will take place on November 25, 2018 in Minsk, Belarus. Record of 20 countries are participating!


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OGAE Video Contest 2018 is hosted by OGAE Belgium with 24 participating countries.  


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64th Eurovision Song Contest will be held in Tel Aviv, Israel on 14, 16 and 18 May, 2019. 41 country will participate. Croatia is represented by Roko with the song "The dream".


clanak scc2019 lorenaMembers of Croatian OGAE club have decided - "Tower of Babylon" by Lorena goes to the OGAE Second Chance Contest 2019. (SCC)
(foto: HRT)

Host of the coming SCC is the Italian OGAE club, following last year’s winner Annalisa with the song “Il mondo prima di te”. Croatia will be represented with the song “Tower of Babylon”, based on the preferences of our members. With a convincing victory at the internal selection, Lorena got her second chance.

The results of the votes closely match the results of the official DORA (Croatian national selection for ESC), with the first three positions in reverse order: first came Lorena and “Tower of Babylon”, second Luka Nižetić and “Brutalero”, while Roko and “The Dream” came third. As all three songs carried very different styles, it seems that the personal music preferences of our membership decided the ranks, yet all were supportive of the DORA’s official outcome.

OGAE Second Chance Contest has been organised by the Eurovision fans since 1987 to give a second chance to the songs that didn’t make it to the ESC, but deserve to be noticed, as seen by the fans. The Contest is held digitally via internet and social networks and the same rules apply as in the official ESC.

Our past selections and results can be found here.




1. Lorena: Tower of Babylon 155

2. Luka Nižetić: Brutalero 135

X. Roko: The dream 131 /the winner of National selection for ESC is automatically disqualified/

3. Ema Gagro: Redemption 128

4. Beta Sudar: Don't give up 120

5. Mantrra: In the shadows 117

6. Domenica: Indigo 110

7. Bojan Jambrošić i Danijela Pintarić: Vrijeme predaje 108

8. Lea Mijatović: Tebi pripadam 105

9. Jure Brkljača: Ne postojim kad nisi tu 103

10. Lidija Bačić: Tek je počelo 98

11. Bernarda: I believe in true love 96

12. Elis Lovrić: All I really want 94

13. Kim Verson: Nisam to što žele 85

14. Gelato sisters: Back to that swing 82

15. Jelena Bosančić: Tell me 73


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