clanak ogae sc 16OGAE Song Contest 2016 (OGAE SC) is organized by French OGAE club with 28 participating countries. Croatia is not among them.

Followed by Kendji Girac’s victory in 2015 with “Andalouse”, French OGAE club is organizing the 2016 edition of OGAE SC. 28 countries confirmed their participation but not Croatia. Still, we follow this year’s edition with big interest. The voting is scheduled for September and the results will be published in October.

Visit the official website of OGAE Song Contest 2016 to find out more.


OGAE Song Contest is an annual contest. It was established in 1986. The aim of SC is presentation of songs not connected to Eurovision in any way. This means that the song didn't participate in national pre-selection for Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) nor on the ESC itself. Members of OGAE clubs are selecting the song to represent their country by internal voting procedure. The song must not be older than a year and it has to be on the language of its country.

OGAE SC is a very good way of getting to know current musical trends activities throughout Europe. How else could you hear great music from Malta, Norway, Ireland, Croatia, Georgia, Ukraine...

Croatia won the Contest in 2008 with Franka's "Ruža u kamenu" (Rose in the stone).

Find out more about OGAE Contests here.



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