Song Stotinama godina (For hundred years) by Jacques Houdek will represent Croatia on OGAE Second Chance Contest 2011! This is what the members of the Croatian OGAE club - Eurofest Croatia have decided. More information can be found in the Members Area.

Visit the official website of the contest and find out more.

The draw for the running order for both semifinalns of the Eurovision Song Contest 2011 has just finished! Croatia is 13th in the first semi.

All other positions are to be found in our ESC 2011 section.

Names of three Croatian authors to write songs which will compete to win DORA 2011 and become Croatian entry for ESC 2011 are already known - Boris Đurđević, Ante Pecotić and Lea Dekleva. They all hope to win the contest with the following songs: Lahor (Breeze - as a wind) by Boris Đurđević, Stotinama godina (For hundred years) by Ante Pecotić and Još ima nas (We still are) by Lea Dekleva.

Song titles have been revealed earlier today while the songs itself are being kept a top secret till the finals of DORA 2011 that is to be held on Saturday, March 5.

The biggest surprise of this year's DORA is Daria Kinzer, a young unknown singer who managed to charm us all with both her performance and voice! She reached the finals of the Croatian selection for Eurovision Song Contest 2011! Together with Jacques (the best Croatian male vocal) they will show us the best they can do in the final evening that is to be aired on Saturday, March 5.

Daria even managed to win Jacques in the semifinal evening - she won 12.000 and Jacques 9.000 radio-TV votes! Congratiulations!

You know that feeling of really wanting to know who will represent your country on Eurovision Song Contest? Well the Croatian moment is very close! But first we have to find out who the semi-finaalists are. Today's show Idemo na Eurosong - DORA 2011 will reveal three (2+1) singers to enter the semi-final show next Saturday.  

Music guest star is Severina who represented Croatia back in 2006 in Athens.

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820Except from finding out who the sixth competitor to win DORA 2011 is, fourth Idemo na Eurosong - Dora 2011 show will give us a great music experience with music guest star Karolina Gočeva. This famous Macedonian singer knows a lot about Eurovision Song Contest - Karolina represented her country back in 2002 and 2007.

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Names of 3 authors that will write songs amongst which the Croatian Eurovision entry will be selected have been revealed on the press conference held on HRT earlier today. They are: Ante Pecotić, Boris Đurđević and Lea Dekleva. They are very well known in Croatia and all of them have experience when it comes to national selection for ESC.

Each of the authors will make one song that will be presented on the finals of DORA, the Croatian selection for ESC on March 5, 2011.

(, HRT)


Poland has won the OGAE Video Contest 2010 (VC). Though it should be "2010" edition, the production has entered well in 2011 due to organisational matters. Poland won the Contest with 85 points with the video for song "Kim tu jestem" by Justyna Steczkowska. The runner-up is France (84) represented by "When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. Congratiulations!

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820Tonight - the third Idemo na Eurosong - DORA 2011! Show starts as always - 20:10 CET on HTV1. 6 out of 12 will manage to go to the next round of the competition, As always, 5 will be revealed tonight. You are about to decide who will be sixth candidate. Vote throughout whole week and the results will be revealed next Satrurday.

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820The second Idemo na Eurosong - DORA 2011 show is to be held tonight. The show will start at 20:10 CET on HTV1. We will get to know the other 12 contestants out of 24 (first half was presented a week ago). We'll also find out who is the lucky sixth contestant to enter the next round from the first show.

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