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OGAE Song Contest 2017 (OGAE SC 2017) is hosted by OGAE Spain followed by Álvaro Soler's "Sofia" winning 2016th edition. This is their 7th time as a host club of this contest! 28 countries are participating.

Although members of Eurofest Croatia (Croatian OGAE club) have voted Vanna's "Suze na kiši" (Tears in the rain) to represent Croatia on OGAE SC 2017, due to the logistic reasons Croatia is not taking part. However, some very well-known names among 28 countries representatives as Tiziano Ferro, Mariza, Sean Paul, Sergey Lazarev, Dami Im, Ira Losco, Marta Jandová, Sirusho and Urban Trad make this edition very catchy.

Results will be gradually presented starting October 17, 2017 and we will be among the first to bring them to you! 

Find out more about OGAE Contests here and visit the official website of the Contest.


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