clanak ogaescc2018Italy won 32nd OGAE Second Chance Contest (SCC) with Annalisa's "Il mondo prima di te" competing with 26 other songs. OGAE Sweden hosted the Contest. 

Eksilstuna, Sweden hosted all events during SCC 2018. Swedes do know how to organize such an event since this was their 15th time! OGAE SCC project manager Emma Hellgren adds: We became inspired by our friends in Poland last year when they made a live show with an audience in Warsaw. This year we made that concept even bigger and planned and prepared a lot for it. We have created a show that celebrates OGAE and Eurovision fans, added more glamour, excitement and the true spirit of Eurovision. The result is something that Eurovision fans will love.

OGAE Italy's representative Annalisa won with "Il mondo prima di te" with 350 points in followed by France and Finland. Great final show offered a lot of excitement not allowing us to jnow who the winner is until the last seconds! European audience seems to love Annalisa - she was third on OGAE Song Contest 2013 (the most popular of all OGAE contests).

OGAE Croatia participated as a guest jury.

Winning song:

The final show:


  1. UK: Asanda – “Legends”
  2. Malta: Richard & Joe – “Song for Dad”
  3. Estonia:  Stig Rästa – “Home”
  4. Slovenia: Nuška Drašček – “Ne zapusti me zdaj”
  5. Finland: Saara Aalto – “Domino”
  6. Switzerland: Alejandro Reyes – “Compass”
  7. Germany:  VoXXclub – “I mog di so”
  8. Hungary: YesYes – “Run Away”
  9. Romania: Feli – “Royalty (Buna de Iubit)”
  10. Czech Republic: Eva Burešová – “Fly”
  11. Denmark: Albin Fredy – “Music for the Road”
  12. Ukraine: Kadnay – “Beat Of the Universe”
  13. Armenia: Nemra – “I’m a Liar”
  14. Poland: Ifi Ude – “Love is Stronger”
  15. Lithuania: Paula – “1 2 3″
  16. Latvia: Edgars Kreilis – “Younger Days”
  17. Norway: Rebecca – “Who we are”
  18. Serbia: Saška Janks – “Pesma za tebe”
  19. Albania: Inis Neziri – “Piedestal”
  20. Sweden: John Lundvik – “My Turn”
  21. San Marino: Sara De Blue – “Out of the Twilight”
  22. Belarus: Gunesh – “I won’t cry”
  23. France: Emmy Liyana – “OK ou KO”
  24. Italy: Annalisa – “Il Mondo Prima di Te”
  25. Spain: Ana & Aitana – “Lo Malo”
  26. Island: Dagur Sigurðsson – “Í stormi”
  27. Portugal: Catarina Miranda – “Para Sorrir Eu Não Preciso De Nada”

Final rank: 

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OGAE SCC is an annual competition for countries that held their national final for the Eurovision Song Contest (this was DORA in Croatia). In this competition, “a second chance” is given to all songs save for the winning one, in order to introduce them to the European audience. Members of each OGAE club choose the song that will represent them in this competition with an internal vote. Voting takes place the “Eurovision” way. The competition has been organised by OGAE clubs ever since 1987. In the beginning, SCC was called “Europe’s Favourite”.

Find out more about OGAE contests here.


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