clanak magija na vc18Video for "M.A.G.I.J.A." will represent Croatia on forthcoming OGAE Video Contest (VC) organized by OGAE Belgium.
foto: Youtube screenshot

Members of Croatian OGAE club have selected video for song "M.A.G.I.J.A." by Severina and Jala Brat to represent Croatia on OGAE Video Contest 2018. Director of the video is Anže Škrube. M.A.G.I.J.A. won among 12 competing videos of the recent Croatian music production.  

Final rank of competing videos: 

  1. Severina feat. Jala Brat: M.A.G.I.J.A. (131)
  2. Jacques Houdek: Sam (120)
  3. Luka Nižetić: Radim što želim (117)
  4. Saša Lozar: Tajno (117)
  5. Jelena Rozga: Ostani (112)
  6. Nina Badrić: Rekao si (110)
  7. Domenica & Kedžo: Mi protiv vas (109)
  8. Lana Jurčević & Luka Basi: Upalimo ljubav (108)
  9. Danijela Martinović: Telefon (108)
  10. Matija Cvek: Visine (103)
  11. Ivana Kindl: Ima nade (99)
  12. Marko Kutlić: Sam protiv svih (92)

The 2018 edition is hosted by OGAE Belgium after Loïc Nottet's "Mud blood" winning in 2017.


OGAE Video Contest is an annual contest. VC is a video event in which all OGAE national clubs can enter with an original song and video released in the previous 12 months in their countries. There is no obligation on the entry for the Contest to be sung in one of the country's official language.

Find out more about OGAE Contests here.


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